I naked at my desk

I naked on all day.

I do everything in naked.

Taking a shower in naked.

Setting a table in naked.

Take a walk in naked.

Watching movies and Tv shows in naked.

I also shared naked images, video to my girl friends.

I love naked.

Men naked at the desk video
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Beginning a new day work

Today I started a new day as always. I wake up then take a shower and have breakfast. After breakfast, I sat naked at the desk.

I work at home. I am a freelancer. I make money by blogging, blogging is my hobby. Instead of I wear clothes but I have a hobby of being naked so I take off my clothes.

I am working in naked

Naked inspires more creativity for me so I like that.

What is blogging?

Blogging is freelance work that is not limited in space or time.

I can be naked or dressed as I like because I work alone at home.

I work on my website, I work on a topic that I like.

There are hundreds of ways to monetize blogging. Therefore, I have a very free and comfortable life.

Sorry, some of my images still not shave the hairs yet. The hairs around penis looks ugly.

Blogging Adult NSFW contents with WordPress

As you know finding a blogging platform that allows for adult content, naked, sex education, sex, oral sex, blowjob, etc is not easy because it’s not Everyone likes adult websites. So where are we going to find blogging platforms that allow writing adult, sex content.

As you know WordPress.com is a very popular blogging platform for bloggers, most bloggers love to use WordPress because it is easily accessible. In addition to secure content, WordPress users can freely post adult photos and videos to the WordPress.com platform without any restrictions.

As you can see, https://nudeinpublic.home.blog/ is my current website that uses WordPress.com as my favorite blogging platform. You can take a walk around my blog to see my nude pictures. I love blogging in the nude so I want to share my personal experiences on this blog.

The only limitation is that if you use a free WordPress.com account, it is very difficult to upload your photos in bulk or heavy videos because WordPress.com only allows 3GB free usage. If you take pictures with your iPhone or iPad, then uploading 1000 photos to WordPress for free, your account is exhausted, so to use WordPress.com smoothly you must upgrade WordPress.com to a premium version now from the beginning.

When you buy a premium or business account, there are many options to use, for example, the upload size of photos, videos will increase more and have more convenient features for blogging….

sex slow motion gif

Here is my real body and I get naked when blogging:

I am an Affiliate Marketer, I work in naked

I am working at my table and taking off the clothes. I am totally naked right now.

I am an freelancer, I working at home.

I earn money in affiliate marketing.

And I create blog/website as a way to get income.

Sometimes, I get naked at my table and do blogging but it is not all the time.

I can earn over 3 thousand bucks per month. It not much and I am trying to get more.

I do not need to go to work office like others or I do not need to wear anything because I am in my room. Noone care what I am wearing. No one know I am naked. I can do anything I want.

I love naked. So work in naked status.

Work from home is the best choice for anyone who don’t want to go to work office.

And in this Pandemic period, Working from home is a best solution.

You can find a lot of work to work online such as become a writer, sell product on fiverr, blogging, YouTuber,… etc. You can find it by Google.

Final. hope you feel free when naked.